Poster design for "Dilemma"
A Solo Exhibition by Nuttapong Daovichitr

Dilemma might be a situation of confronting conflicts which resulted from both internal and external factors. Encountering these situations is often similar to standing in the middle of a collision of thoughts, emotions, and actions without knowing exactly where the cause came from. This leads to a misunderstanding and confusion of self-worth which is also created and defined by others. We usually cannot even find the answer to what is good and what is bad, or what is right and what is wrong.

All these dilemmatic situations are shownthrough the gestures and actions of those who try to struggle with particular situations which change all the time. It is a representation of things which are intangible and sometimes seem to be reasonable but are actually not.

This work is a recording of the effects of stories that have continuously treated the actor endlessly.
Text by Nuttapong D.