A photobook compiling images captured during the filming process of Soil without land, a documentary directed by Nontawat Numbenchapol, alongside articles and interviews. This documentary talks about the identity of the Shan people living on the border of Myanmar and Thailand - an area of long-standing conflict.

The central theme of the existence and non-existence of identity has been taken into account in the designing process to allow the readers to absorb the concept of existence gradually. The jacket cover is designed for the readers to see and feel the blur between existence and non-existence by using a picture of the border area printed on gray paper with the Sand Spot UV printing - which resembles the roughness of soil and can be seen more clearly after being touched and becoming dirty, revealing the existence of the area and the people there. The layout is designed by viewing the book as an area where images of different sizes are scattered. Some Images are placed at the center of the page – causing some parts of the caption to disappear, similar to the problem in the border area. The whole area is sewn together with the gray and brown binding thread.