The Retreat, a dance performance by Thanapol Virulhakul, depicts the understanding of “Otherness” through unlimit possibilities of body movement. When one understands to confront and embrace themselves; boundary is formed and oneself would realize the otherness that lies outside their territory.

Process plays a huge role in this particular piece. Each choreographer plays two important roles, performer and researcher. Throughout the performance, each dancer will gradually experience the impact their movements have made towards the environment and others. This concept has been brought upon to the process of poster design. Most times, the poster provides the final outcome of the thinking process and delivers the message to audiences. Hence, construction processes are being looked over. This time the objective of typography design is to portray one of the dancers, pushing away the aim of only delivering the message. An experiment and wicked form of types are open for interpretation in hope of stimulating the audience's curiosity and somewhat defining “otherness” in their perspective.

Text by Methita Trakulpoonsub

Krid Prarom
Nitipat Pholchai
Rinyapas Sirisamanphong
Sunon Wachirawarakarn
Vidura Amranand